Health Update

So after I suffered like a dog from headaches that lasted more than 5 weeks and a sore throat, I am finally on the mend.

Since 3 different doctors diagnosed me with 3 different things, I can’t really tell what it was. All I know is, that my headaches got less and finally have gone and my throat only hurts a bit when I touch it.

My iron levels are getting back to normal as I am not as tired anymore.

Last Friday I started an exercise streak to finally get back to my former self and my routine.

Every morning my beloved Lumie alarm clock wakes me up at 5:45am. I take 15 minutes to get through my emails, the weather, my bank (even though it brings crocodile tears to my eyes) and world news. After that I am up and in my sport gear, my 8kg kettlebell, yoga mat and 20kg sand sack out for up to an hour of training, stretching, huffing and puffing!

I know it has only been a few days, but even though there are no visible changes yet, I feel and sleep so much better.

I will stick to it for a month and after that my cardiovascular system and strength in my legs will have improved enough to get back out on the trails. After that it will be a constant mix of both, which means I hopefully will be able to continue my streak.

Mental health is so important and one big factor for me was always sport.

So here I am, marching on.

Until the next time….

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