Month: August 2022

What Makes You Sad

The other day I was lazily browsing through Facebook videos and came across this beautiful song from America’s Got Talent:

Whenever I hear someone with a truly amazing voice, I stop everything else and just listen…

So he asks, “what makes you sad?”

And when I heard that song for the very first time I had to swallow the lump in my throat as there is only one thing that makes me sad.

The passing of my gran. It has been more than 3 years, but there is not a single month where I don’t have a secret cry over the fact that I can’t hear her voice and ask her for advice.

And to not being able to hug her and being enveloped in her love hurts the most.

I once told her, that I will need her forever and that has not changed a bit.

Whenever I need advice my first thought is, what would my gran say?

So yes, this is what makes me truly sad…

Until the next time…