Arguing With Work About Christmas Holidays (ask for password)

So I am currently arguing with work about my holidays during Christmas. I have taken the week after the Christmas weekend off, including the following weekend aka New Years day!

Now my boss says, if I want New Years day off, I have to work on Christmas Day, as stated in my contract. The New Years weekend is my weekend with the children and working on Christmas when one has children is a big NO, NO!!!

So, I replied and explained the above and so far I did not receive an answer yet, but am sure something will come soon.

I mean, come on, it’s Christmas! I have Children! For being a care company, my company is not very compassionate!

I am so fed up with them, but have to stick around as like I said, I have children and employers (in the end) are all the same:

Work your hours or leave.


Until the next time…

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