This Lock-Down Is Really Annoying Me

Last lock-down was great! I was furloughed and paid for being lazy at home! I got to spend valuable time with my children and exercise as much and when I wanted not to mention binge watching Netflix and reading book after book after book.

The last lock-down was March 2020 and I was living in a nice area with mountains and waterfalls…

This lock-down however is very different.

I am a key worker, I have to work. That is fine.

But I live in an area I do not like at all… which makes me really unhappy!

For days I was moaning and complaining that there is everywhere snow but here in my area! Last week I got to enjoy one day running in snow (and falling as as well, that came for free).

Today I wake up to lots of snow! My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. So in my running gear I jumped, grabbed the dog and in the car. But… BUT…(big dramatic sigh) the roads where so bad, I had to be very careful. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even park where I wanted to go running (no bitching, please, I stayed local). The snow was too high for my little cute Mini Countryman, so we returned home.

And that is the thing:

I hate that I have to drive (even if it is for only 5 minutes) to hit some nice trails.

And the babies?! They are at their dad’s house of course, enjoying snow in their garden, without me.

No, this time I certainly don’t enjoy the lock-down.


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